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The Go Dyslexia podcast features discussions with dyslexia experts from around the globe on topics such as assistive technology, entrepreneurship, learning strategies, and cognitive remedial tools. Now, therapists, teachers, parents, and individuals with dyslexia can get advice, strategies, material suggestions and more.
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May 28, 2016

Title: Dyslexia Episode 3: The Creative Side with Artist and Advocate Mike Juggins

Dyslexia Strengths and Advocacy with Artist Mike Juggins and Dr. Erica Warrren at Go Dyslexia - This podcast feature artist, videographer, and dyslexia advocate, Mike Juggins. Mike has worked tirelessly to raise a greater understanding and appreciation of dyslexia and other learning differences. Joining us from Devon, England, Mike takes us on a tour of his free website, Dyslexic DaDa, that celebrates the strengthens of dyslexia. In addition, he offers stories, strategies, technology tips and more. 

Resources mentioned:
1 Dyslexia: What it is all About:
2 The Gift Dyslexia – Mike Juggins:
3 Dyslexic Dada:
4 Inspiration:
5 Zoom Video Conferencing:
6 Irlen Colored Glasses:
7 Mike Juggins Art:

A BREAKDOWN of This Video:
01:18 What makes you a dyslexia expert?

01:53 You have this incredible website, Dyslexic DaDa. Can you tell us more about that?

04:04 What does the site offer for individuals with dyslexia?

07:05 Tour of Mike’s site Dyslexic DaDa

13:12 You have said that being dyslexic makes you a better artist. What do you mean by that?

23:01 Accepting the label of disabled gets you the academic support.

24:18 What are some of the key assistive technology devices that you have used that have helped you succeed?

29:59 What can dyslexics do to be successful in this world?

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