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The Go Dyslexia podcast features discussions with dyslexia experts from around the globe on topics such as assistive technology, entrepreneurship, learning strategies, and cognitive remedial tools. Now, therapists, teachers, parents, and individuals with dyslexia can get advice, strategies, material suggestions and more.
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Nov 12, 2021

I am thrilled to be speaking with Dr. Pete Bowers a researcher and literacy consultant.  Pete educates teachers, practitioners, and students around the globe with understanding the spelling-meaning connection of the English language through the approach of scientific inquiry. He calls this instructional approach, "structured word inquiry."  Watch this same content on YouTube: 

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Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  1. Pete Bowers on Ted X:
  2. The Effects of Morphological Instruction on Literacy Skills: A Systematic Review of the Literature:
  3. Effects of morphological instruction on vocabulary acquisition:
  4. For those interested in exploring more about SWI the About WordWorks page on Pete’s website is an archive of useful resources including videos and links to other SWI based websites and links to his published research. 
  5. Free weekly SWI Digital Drop-in: Mondays at 5 pm EST There is no sign-up, just show up! Participants bring questions for Pete.

Click HERE for details.

  1. For an extensive discussion of SWI theory and practice see Pete’s interview on SWI with Education Podcast ‘Pedagogy Non-Grata” (April 2021).

There is no sign-up, just show up! Participants bring questions for Pete.

Click HERE for details.

The interview is in three videos…

  • Video 1 is HERE. (1 hr., 13 min)  
  • Video 2 is HERE. (33 min)
  • Video 3 is HERE. (35 min -- research focus)

Those interested in the research discussion can find it near the end of video 2 at the 29-minute mark at THIS LINK. That discussion continues in Video 3 (33 min). 

  1. Pete’s most comprehensive piece on explaining English orthography and the place of SWI in the research is this 2021 article titled, “Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) Teaches Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondences More Explicitly Than Phonics Does: An open letter to Jennifer Buckingham and the reading research community” Download that article from HERE

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